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Vita Health Foods May 5-20 2017 : Page 2

NEW Scent! Healthy hair naturally Prairie Naturals ® Shampoos & Conditioners are fragranced with pure, natural aromatic plant oils. Herbal extracts and natural plant emollients leave hair shiny and manageable. All duo packs The benefits of fish oil minus the fishy taste Botanica Omegalicious ® High Potency Fish Oil supports memory and cognitive functions with a creamy taste and texture everyone will love. Assorted flavours 450 ml -225 ml Highly concentrated from borage oil Lorna Vanderhaeghe ® GLA Skin Oil ensures beautiful, smooth, glowing skin and improves calcium retention in bones. 237 ml Super rich skin therapy cream Lorna Vanderhaeghe ® Celadrin™ Skin Cream reduces fine lines and wrinkles and treats psoriasis, eczema and rosacea. 50 ml 16 99 360 degrees of optimal health Purica Complete 360 provides antioxidants that help protect against free radicals & strengthen the body's response to stress. ON SALE off 15 % ON SALE 43 99 ON SALE 25 99 Contains Vitamin K2 and Collagen! Nature's Way ® Calcium & Magnesium Liquid is a convenient alternative to tablets or capsules to help support the maintenance of bones and teeth. Also available in a K2-free formula. 500 ml ON SALE Non-drowsy & natural allergy relief St. Francis Herb Farm ® Deep Immune ® for Allergies contains special herbal and homeopathic ingredients that help to relieve seasonal allergy symptoms and maintain a healthy immune system. 50 ml 35 99 Assorted flavours 255 -265 g ON SALE 120 vegan caps 44 99 NEW ON SALE 16 99 ON SALE ON SALE The ultimate superfood™ Progressive ® VegeGreens ® is a combination of over 60 land, sea and cruciferous vegetables, as well as super green foods, EFAs, pre and probiotics, enzymes and herbal co-factors. 20 99 Hot flashes? Health First ® Meno Supreme contains the clinically-proven hops extract Lifenol ® to relieve hot flashes and other uncomfortable menopausal symptoms. One-per-day formula! 45 vegetable capsules ON SALE Say goodbye to varicose veins! 24 99 20 vegetable capsules ON SALE 51 99 90 tablets Flora CircuVein is clinically proven to help alleviate the symptoms of varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiencies. No refrigeration required! Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic Go Pack contains 50 billion probiotics and helps support intestinal and gastrointestinal health with 12 different probiotic strains. Sleep comfortably A.Vogel Menopause is made with 100% organic fresh sage extract. Clinically tested and proven to significantly reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes and night sweats. 60 vegetarian capsules 19 99 ON SALE 21 99 24 ON SALE 2 CANADA · S LEADING INDEPENDENT HEALTH & WELLNESS RETAILERS • HEALTHFIRST . CA

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