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B Base2/East English 25 CANADA'S LEADING INDEPENDENT HEALTH & WELLNESS RETAILERS The most bioavailable curcumin Natural Factors ® CurcurminRich™ Double Strength Theracurmin™ is an antioxidant for the maintenance of good health. Theracurmin™ is more bioavailable than other leading forms of curcumin. 60 vegetarian capsules Nutritious -straight from the bag Manitoba Harvest ® Organic Hemp Hearts are the true 'heart' of the seed. Sprinkle them on anything -salad, cereal and even yogurt. 340 g 33 99 ON SALE 13 99 Leaky gut is a condition in which the lining in your gut isn’t functioning well, so nutrient absorption is hindered and the gut becomes permeable to pathogens. ON SALE Read on for signs of a leaky gut and what you can do to tackle it! 20% more FREE! Potent probiotic power! Renew Life Ultimate Flora Ultra Potent Probiotic delivers 100 billion beneficial bacteria per capsule to improve digestive health and strengthen immunity. 36 vegetable capsules 30 Tablets FREE G Gentle whole food iron f MegaFood ® Blood Builder ® M delivers d whole food nutrients to help maintain healthy iron levels. Naturally combats fatigue, improves energy levels and is easy to digest. 72 + 30 tablets 9 42 99 Exclusive Offer ON SALE E 47 99 ON SALE Health First ® Exclusive Deal Prairie Naturals ® Digest Force BONUS Pack offers a therapeutic dose of ginger root extract & activated charcoal to help relieve digestive upset and disturbances, such as lack of appetite, nausea and digestive spasms. Helps to relieve indigestion. 29 99 Tired due to low iron? Salus Floradix ® Formula is a liquid iron supplement that is specially formulated for easy absorption and assimilation. Helps normalize low iron levels to boost energy, vitality and achieve optimal health. 500 ml ON SALE 120 V-Capsules + 60 V-Capsules BONUS NEW flavour! Fermented for superior digestion Genuine Health fermented vegan proteins+ provides advanced digestive support. Contains 20g of fully fermented vegan protein. Now available in a new coconut flavour! All flavours -600 g 35 99 Internal deodorizer Health First Chlorophyll is sourced from non-GMO alfalfa and acts as an internal deodorizer to reduce body odour. Preservative free. Available in mint and unflavoured. ® ON SALE 44 99 Protect your liver! Health First ® Liver Supreme supports liver function, while helping to relieve digestive disturbances. 60 vegetable capsules ON SALE All flavours -500 ml 16 99 ON SALE 32 99 GIVE YOUR BRAINS WHAT THEY NEED Help to balance your heart, brain and gut, by supporting the relationship between your mental, emotional and physical health. Whether you need an all-in-one solution like Daily Brain™ need a Restful Sleep or want a Brillant Mind™ , 3-Brains™ has a product for you. When it comes to mental health, it’s not all in your head! ON SALE off 25 % ON SALE Assorted Varieties • SALE D A TES : APRIL 7 – 22, 2017 • HEAL THFIRST . C A • ®+ ™ +© 2014 Health First Network • All rights reserved • All other trademarks are owned by their respective owners. 1

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