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Vita Health Foods March 3-18 2017 : Page 2

30 FREE capsules Relax those muscles CanPrev™ Magnesium Bis-Glycinate is a factor in the maintenance of good health and works to help relax the body & can improve sleep. 29 99 Assorted flavours 586 -618 g ON SALE 62 99 All flavours 510 -566 g ON SALE off 15 % ON SALE Assorted Varieties 60 capsules each Shake simplicity Vega™ Protein & Greens has 20 g of complete vegan protein and two full servings of veggies. No added sugar, low in calories, gluten and dairy free. Nourishing superfood Genuine Health greens+ is highly alkaline-forming and rich in antioxidants, nourishes and protects your body, increases energy, promotes healthier bones – and so much more. Contains the full spectrum of plant compounds. Botanica Liquid Phytocaps offer the power of a liquid herb with the convenience of a capsule. 90 + 30 vegetable capsules SOLUTIONS Balance Hormones Take ESTRO smart ® every day for acne, period problems, fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, PMS and more. Smart Hormone Kick stress in the butt! 34 99 All flavours -1 kg ON SALE off 25 % Assorted varieties ON SALE NOW ® Rhodiola helps the body adapt to stress and temporarily support physical stamina. 60 veg capsules 42 49 ON SALE 120 vegetarian capsules Mixes easily & tastes great Natural Factors ® Whey Factors ® is ideal for people of all ages & activity levels to help maintain existing lean muscle mass and help build & repair body tissue. No refigeration required! Nature's Way ® Primadophilus ® probiotics provide active cultures of good bacteria for digestive balance & immunity. Reduce Menopause Symptoms MENO smart ® plus halts hot flashes and night sweats, relieves menopause symptoms and calms mood swings. off 20 % ON SALE Black is the new green 28 ON SALE 49 120 vegetarian capsules 24 99 Each Kit ON SALE For Low Thyroid effective and works fast to optimize thyroid health. Enerex Black Seed Oil helps to comfort the respiratory and digestive systems. Contains Linoleic Acid for the maintenance of good health. 100 ml THYRO smart ® is safe, ON SALE Get a better sleep! A. Vogel Tinctures can help to reduce stress, improve sleep and decrease anxiety. 30 49 120 vegetarian capsules Seven Day Program Renew Life Rapid Cleanse is a three part cleanse that stimulates the body’s 7 channels of elimination to enhance the normal process of detoxification. 24 99 ON SALE off 15 % ON SALE Assorted Varieties 50 mL tinctures 2 CANADA · S LEADING INDEPENDENT HEALTH & WELLNESS RETAILERS • HEALTHFIRST . CA BONUS 23 99 ON SALE

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