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Vita Health Foods February 3-18 2017 : Page 2

for INFLAMMATION People who use Theracurmin ™ – may also like Natural Factors Whole Body Optimizer that combines Theracurmin, omega-3 EPA/DHA, supercharged extracts of boswellia, antioxidant-rich Infl amRelief ™ complex, and astaxanthin for a multifaceted approach to whole body wellness. ‡ AMAZING RELIEF 59 99 Assorted Varieties 1 kg ON SALE Whole body detox ReCleanse ® Herbal Cleanse has been formulated to gently and effectively support your body's natural detoxifying and elimination process. Gently cleanses deeper each time and with regular use. Scientifi c scrutiny revealed that Theracurmin was more bioavailable on a milligram-to-milligram basis than other leading* enhanced and regular forms of curcumin. *As measured by SPINS 2014 data. 33 99 60 vegetarian capsules ON SALE 23 99 60 softgels ON SALE Fueling a new generation of athletes Iron Vegan™ Proteins are made with organic, vegan and non-GMO proteins. Fuel your body, accelerate recovery and build lean muscle! 19 99 Your Choice ON SALE kit All Kyolic ® ON SALE! 57 99 360 capsules ON SALE off 20 % 360 capsules ON SALE 22 99 60 vegetarian liquid capsules ON SALE 17 49 60 tablets or 50 ml ON SALE Beyond pain relief Purica ® Recovery ® extra strength targets the root cause of pain and provides effective and sustained relief. Lessen pain, relax stiffness and regain mobility! Odourless organic garlic Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract™ Formula 104 supports healthy cholesterol levels and overall cardiovascular health. ® Won't cause constipation Platinum Naturals EasyIron gently helps build red blood cells and helps to maintain overall good health. ® ® For optimum digestion A. Vogel Boldocynara ® helps to improve digestion by increasing and stimulating bile secretion. DOGS NEED CARE TOO! Recover faster Vega™ Sport Performance Protein helps you to build and repair strong muscles. Each serving contains 30 grams of complete protein, 6 grams each BCAAs and glutamine, tart cherry, turmeric and probiotics. Your Choice Relieve your c cough! Health First ® Orega Supreme O contains thyme and oregano, traditionally used for relieving coughs and bronchitis symptoms. 60 gelcaps or 15ml 19 99 Ascenta ® CanineOmega-3™ for Dogs -200 ml ON SALE 22 99 454 g ON SALE 47 ON SALE 99 Purica ® Recovery ® extra strength Pain Relief for Pets -120 chewable tablets Support brain and nerve function NOW ® Lecithin Granules are an easy way to ensure your body gets the optimum level of this important nutrient. Low in fat and delicious sprinkled on cereal. All flavours -801 g -837 g 43 99 ON SALE 19 99 ON SALE 2 CANADA · S LEADING INDEPENDENT HEALTH & WELLNESS RETAILERS • HEALTHFIRST . CA

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