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Vita Health Foods November 4-19 2016 : Page 2

Supplements FOR good health 39 99 ON SALE 29 99 ON SALE Your Choice Get your Vitamin D! NutraSea +D ® Omega-3 provides DHA and EPA for cognitive health, cardiovascular support, muscle recovery and brain function, as well as 1000IU of Vitamin D per dose. 500 ml or 150 softgels “The Ultimate Multi Probiotic is an excellent all-purpose probiotic formula with a balanced blend of beneficial strains for the everyday needs of digestion and immune support. For acute needs, such as during antibiotic therapy, Critical Care 100 Billion contains maximum amounts of probiotics to maintain balance in the intestinal microbiome.” – Dr Kate Rhéaume-Bleue 30 vegetarian capsules 120 vegetarian capsules 59 99 All flavours -1 kg ON SALE Fueling a new generation of athletes Iron Vegan™ Sprouted Protein™ is made up of 5 certified organic, vegan, raw, sprouted and non-GMO proteins. Fuel your body, accelerate recovery and build lean muscle! 44 99 ON SALE Rediscover the wisdom ® St. Francis Herb Farm ® Deep Immune ® is used primarily as an antiviral to tonify a weak immune system. Reinforces the basic functions of the body and helps maintain equilibrium. 50 ml Available in Men's & Women's You are what Y you absorb™ y Platinum Naturals ® P ® Easymulti E Super 45+ Multivitamin provides a wide spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals plus a booster of omega-3 oils; helping you to meet your daily nutritional needs. off 10 % ON SALE 30 -120 vegetarian capsules Effervescent vitamin drink mix Ener-C™ 1000mg Vitamin C is full of 25 nutrients and vitamins to make you feel and perform at your best. Contains B-vitamin complexes and electrolytes that help to increase and maintain energy levels. Comprehensive immune support 16 ON SALE 99 Host Defense ® MyCommunity ® is a blend of 17 potent mushroom species. A combination of mushroom mycelium and fruit bodies provide a diverse range of constituents to help balance the immune system. 60 softgels 48 99 Your Choice ON SALE 15 99 ON SALE Assorted flavours 30 packets Nervous system health Health First ® B12 Supreme helps to prevent B12 deficiency and contains synergistic vitamins B6 and folic acid. 51 99 90 tablets ON SALE Daily immune support Moducare ® contains a patented and researched blend of plant sterols and sterolins to support a healthy and balanced immune system. 90 vegetable capsules or 30 waxtabs Get happy! Preferred Nutrition™ HappySense ® 5-HTP 100mg helps promote a happy mood by naturally enhancing serotonin. 5-HTP also reduces carbohydrate cravings. Sleep comfortably 120 lozenges 14 99 ON SALE A.Vogel Menopause is made with 100% organic fresh sage extract. Clinically tested and proven to significantly reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes and night sweats. 29 99 ON SALE 120 caplets 38 99 ON SALE 2 CANADA · S LEADING INDEPENDENT HEALTH & WELLNESS RETAILERS • HEALTHFIRST . CA

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