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Vita Health Foods October 7-22 2016 : Page 2

canada is the fourth largest grower of g M o s C t i the Contains th full spectrum of plant compounds. Botanica Liquid Phytocaps offer the power of a liquid herb with the convenience of a capsule. 60 capsules each 60 FREE Capsules Hl for Help f your underactive Thyroid! Preferred Nutrition ® ThyroSense ® supports thyroid health in men & women and is a factor in the maintenance of good health. 240 vegetarian capsules p off 15 % 30 FREE capsules ON SALE 38 49 More than fibre Renew Life FibreSMART™ is the perfect blend of fibre and healing herbs. Can be used every day to help maintain good health, ease constipation and improve digestion. ON SALE LE Feeling sluggish? Natural Factors ® Milk Thistle with added dandelion and turmeric, provides superior herbal help for the liver and gallbladder. 120 capsules 16 99 All Kyolic ® ON SALE! ON SALE LE 120 vegetable capsules 19 99 Non-GMO and High Potency NOW ® Vitamin D-3 1000 IU helps in the normal development and maintenance of bones and teeth and in the absorption & use of calcium. 180 softgels ON SALE Odourless organic garlic Kyolic ® Aged Garlic Extract™ Formula 104 supports healthy cholesterol levels and overall cardiovascular health. 360 capsules off 20 % ON SALE 8 49 ON SALE 80% of all g M o s grown are engineered for herbicide tolerance B Beyond d Immune I Support Purica Immune 7 is a potent blend of extracts from 6 medicinal mushrooms providing an unmatched, full-spectrum, immune supporting effect. 120 vegan caps M Manage your Magnesium SISU Magnesium is in an easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsule providing 250 mg elemental magnesium to support heart health and help to maintain proper muscle function. 100 veg caps 40 99 A full body treatment Gardener's Dream ® Cream helps alleviate dry skin, roughness, cracking, and itching. A great muscle and joint pain reliever too. Paraben Free! 180 ml ON SALE 15 99 ON SALE 22 99 Your Choice ON SALE Premium coconut oil Nature's Way ® Coconut Oil is great for cooking and contains up to 93% MCTs. 300 ml or 454 g Goodbye wilted best intentions. Hello Healthy Habit! Vega™ Protein & Greens helps you turn over a new leaf & add effortless nutrition to your day. Each serving contains 20g of complete protein & two servings of greens. Made from real, whole-food ingredients & contains no added sugar, dairy or soy ingredients -just add water, shake and go! For exciting recipes, visit 11 99 Defend yourself this season! Health First ® Cold-Defense uses a powerful blend of herbs based on Traditional Chinese medicine to prevent and relieve symptoms of cold & flu. Formulated by health professionals and tested for results in a clinical setting. 60 vegetable capsules ON SALE 29 99 DUO PACK ON SALE All flavours -586 -618 g all health first ® featured items are g M o s free R Rich in omega-3 fatty o acids a Health-First ® Omega-H First ® helps support cardiovascular health, cognitive health and brain function. 500 ml + 250 ml 17 99 Your Choice ON SALE 44 99 Kid approved for taste! Parent approved for health! Health First ® Kids'-First Multi is a delicious multi-flavoured multivitamin and mineral complex, in fun puppy shapes, for normal growth and development. ON SALE For fast and effective relief Health First ® Joints-First helps relieve pain and maintain healthy joint health. 500 ml or 180 capsules 24 99 2 ON SALE 120 chewable tablets 17 99 ON SALE CANADA ’ S LEADING INDEPENDENT HEALTH & WELLNESS RETAILERS • HEALTHFIRST . CA

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