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Vita Health Foods February 5-20 2016 : Page 2

KEEPING HEALTH CLOSE TO THE HEART NEW FORMULA Trusted liquid T gels now 20% g smaller! s NutraSea Omega-3 Liquid Gels are beneficial for the maintenance of good health, and in support of cardiovascular health h and brain function. ® Support brain and nerve function NOW Lecithin Granules are an easy way to ensure your body gets the optimum level of this important nutrient. Low in fat and delicious sprinkled on cereal. ® Odourless organic garlic Kyolic ® Aged Garlic Extract™ Cholesterol Control Formula 104 supports healthy cholesterol levels and overall cardiovascular health. Improve circulation Neo40 ® Daily helps naturally restore and replenish your body’s nitric oxide levels. 30 lozenges 54 99 A full body treatment Gardener's Dream ® Cream helps alleviate dry skin, roughness, cracking, and itching. A great muscle and joint pain reliever too. Paraben Free! 180 ml ON SALE 100 soft gels 31 99 Naturally delicious Nature's Way ® Alive! ® Gummies are a gelatin free, gluten free, children's gummy multivitamin made with 26+ fruits and vegetables. ON SALE 454 g 20 99 ON SALE ON SALE 360 capsules % 99 20 OFF 00 ON SALE 14 99 30 tablets 59 99 60 vegetable capsules ON SALE 22 99 Easy breathing Health First ® Respir-First is an herbal liquid for relieving a variety of respiratory conditions: bronchitis, coughs and colds, excess mucous and seasonal allergies. 500 ml ON SALE 90 gummies 16 99 Great tasting magnesium Salus ® Magnesium Liquid helps in the development and maintenance of bones, teeth and proper muscle function. ON SALE Strengthen your immune system A.Vogel Echinaforce Extra is clinically proven for its antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. Helps relieve cold & flu symptoms. ® Probiotics to the rescue! Progressive ® HCP ® 150 features 6 human strains that implant healthy flora throughout the entire digestive tract with nutrients to support flora viability. HOT DEAL 30 FREE CAPSULES Ensure you have your B's Natural Factors ® Hi Potency B Complex is a complete combination of B vitamins that help convert protein, carbohydrates and fats into energy. 59 99 All flavours 510 -566 g ON SALE 17 2 ON SALE 99 500 ml + 250 ml 49 ON SALE 49 4 9 210 capsules 19 ON SALE Nourishing superfood Genuine Health Greens+ is highly alkaline-forming and rich in antioxidants, nourishes and protects your body, increases energy, promotes healthier bones – and so much more. 99 9 9 CANADA · S LEADING INDEPENDENT HEALTH & WELLNESS RETAILERS • HEALTHFIRST . CA

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