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Vita Health Foods August 7-22, 2015 : Page 2

HEALTH FOR YOUR WHOLE BODY Whole food iron boost MegaFood™ Blood Builder ® provides 100% whole food iron with synergistic nutrients and organic beet root to maintain healthy levels of iron. Non-binding and gentle on the stomach. Made in BRITISH COLUMBIA Control overactive bladder Brad King's Ultimate Bladder Control contains a 100% natural form of a patented water-soluble pumpkin seed. Reduces urinary frequency, helps control urinary incontinence and reduces nighttime urinary frequency in men and women. 29 99 162 g ON SALE 24 99 30 veg caps ON SALE Relief in 5 days Genuine Health Fast Joint Care+ with patented Biovaflex™, a higher protein form of natural eggshell membrane (NEM). See pain relief 2 days sooner than any other NEMs on the market. 60 tablets 36 99 Natural vitamin B supplement Bio-Strath Original is a whole food yeast supplement containing plasmolysed yeast and 16 herbs. Helps to increase energy, overall vitality and well-being. 250 ml ON SALE Irritable bowels? Renew Life IntestiNEW is advanced intestinal support aiding the body with bowel irritability, digestive stress, and heartburn. 60 veg caps 19 99 COLUMBIA ON SALE Made in ONTARIO Your one stop with whey Progressive ® WheyEssential™ All-in-One is a grass fed, New Zealand whey-based protein supplement plus fibre, omega-3 fats, a full day’s supply of antioxidants and 13 vitamins and minerals. in Made in Made BRITISH BRITISH COLUMBIA Less stress, more energy WomenSense ® AdrenaSense ® can support adrenal glands, reduce effects of stress and improve sexual function with herbal adaptogens such as rhodiola, suma, siberian ginseng and ashwagandha. Sore muscles? Prairie Naturals ® Magnesium Solution helps reduce soreness, pain & inflammation. Convenient, great taste with no added sugar. 500 ml 22 99 Made in ONTARIO ON SALE All flavours -840 g 64 99 8 49 454 g ON SALE 29 99 Healthy urinary tract NOW ® D-Mannose Powder is a simple sugar that occurs in plants that can adhere to undesirable foreign substances, preventing them from sticking to the bladder. ON SALE 90 veg caps 21 99 Made in QUEBEC ON SALE ON SALE Nervous system health Health First ® B12 Supreme helps to prevent B12 deficiency and contains synergistic vitamins B6 and folic acid. The elixir of life Botanica Fermented Kombucha is a fermented black tea that aids in cleansing, detoxifying and revitalising the body. 250 ml 60 lozenges 8 ON SALE 99 All-natural sweetener NOW ® Xylitol is a sugar alcohol naturally found in fruits and vegetables that makes an excellent, low-calorie sweetener. 85 g 32 99 ON SALE 16 99 ON SALE 2 CANADA ’ S LEADING INDEPENDENT HEALTH & WELLNESS RETAILERS • HEALTHFIRST . CA

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