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Amaranth - The Enjoy Centre July 8-23 2016 : Page 1

A Base2 English 125 CANADA'S LEADING INDEPENDENT HEALTH & WELLNESS RETAILERS 20% more FREE B Balance your gut! g Renew Life Ultimate R Flora Critical Care F Botanical integrity NOW ® Essential Oils are grown free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizer and herbicidal residues. Assorted Oils & Blends probiotic provides 50 billion cultures per capsule. It works to improve digestive health in a convenient once daily dose. 72 vegetable capsules 54 99 ON SALE off 20 % ON SALE 8 Bite-Sized Tips Mixes easily & tastes great Natural Factors ® Whey Factors ® is ideal for It’s easy to make better choices and enjoy better health this summer with these bite-sized health tips. Enjoy! Bonus 296 ml Premium coconut oil Nature's Way ® Liquid Coconut Oil is great for people of all ages & activity levels to help maintain existing lean muscle mass and help build & repair body tissue. All flavours -1 kg cooking and contains up to 93% MCTs. Available in many delicious flavours. 600 ml + 296 ml Select Flavours 34 99 22 99 All flavours -300 g ON SALE 29 99 ON SALE 20% more FREE ON SALE Relief for your joints New Chapter ® Turmeric force™ with whole, active phytonutrients works to provide a 100% herbal response to joint inflammation and discomfort. 144 capsules Love your heart W. Gifford-Jones, MD Medi-C Plus™ uses the powerful combination of lysine and vitamin C to help maintain a healthy heart. This powder mixes easily with water or juice. 48 99 ON SALE the skin to help diffuse a sunburn. Coconut oil can also work as a natural moisturizing lotion and hair conditioner! 20% more FREE Oh, burn! Coconut oil isn’t just great for cooking it can also be applied topically to Pl t based Plant b d bone-b building Health First ® Cal-Mag Supreme + K2 features Aquamin™ plant-sourced calcium from the Icelandic red algae that helps to remineralize bone cells. Added vitamin K2 aids in absorption. 450 ml 19 99 Take the PrimeZyme ® digestive challenge! Plant-based daily nutrition Progressive VegEssential™ All in One is an ® ON SALE Health First ® PrimeZyme ® alkaline-forming whole-food, drawing on almost 100 plant-based ingredients to deliver a broad spectrum of micro & macro nutrients. All flavours -1008 g is an effective full-spectrum digestive enzyme formula that will help your digestion. 180 capsules 59 99 ON SALE 29 99 • SALE D A TES : JUL Y 8 – 23, 2016 • HEAL THFIRST . C A • ON SALE 1 ®+ ™ +© 2014 Health First Network • All rights reserved • All other trademarks are owned by their respective owners.

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